800 Meter Range FPV Drone Jammer System 100W High Power Vehicle Mounted Drone Jammer

Item No.: GW-UAV50M
800 Meter  Range FPV Drone Jammer System 100W High Power Vehicle Mounted Drone Jammer

With drone sales expected to grow exponentially in the near future, and an increasing number and severity of drone incidents occurring daily, we launched Drone jammer to respond to nefarious use of consumer and commercial drones and the resulting need for effective countermeasures to drone intrusions. aims to help public and private sector customers, where allowed by law, take proactive measures against airborne threats to safety, security, and privacy.


1. With high gain magnet antenna, can be mounted on the roof of the car.

2. Good cooling system, work continuously

3. Stable capability, cost-effective choice

4. Output power 100w make high jamming range

Or customize other cellular standard in the world.

LoJack 173MHz, VHF, UHF, Walkie-talkie, interphone, 433MHz,315MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 450MHz, iDEN, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, DCS, PCS, AWS, WCDMA,UMTS,3G,4G,LTE 700, LTE 800, LTE 2300, LTE 2600, GPS L1,GPS L2, Galileo, Compass, Glonass, WIFI, Bluetooth, Spy camera, WIMAX, UAV, Drone, 1.2G,1.4G, 1.5G GPS, 2.4G, 5.2G,5.8G,etc.



Prisons, military, government, Oil and Gas Storage Facilities and fields, Churches, Theatres, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Courts, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, mosques, etc.



Average output power(+1dBm)

700-840MHz  (customizable)


840-960MHz  (customizable)


Power supply: AC110-240V, DC 24V

Total RF Power: 100W

Energy consumption: 200W

Dimension(mm): 320*210*90

Weight: 3.5kg

Full Kit Weight: 5KG
Running temperature: -25'C to +65'C

2pcs Omni directional antennas

Humidity: 5% - 95% 

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