Long Range Multi-Directional Precision Anti Uav Drone Jammer Outdoor Stationary Waterproof Drone Signal Jammer

Item No.: GW-UAV-OSJ61
Long Range Multi-Directional Precision Anti Uav Drone Jammer Outdoor Stationary Waterproof Drone Signal Jammer

Product Description

Drone Jammer is the ultimate outdoor anti-drone solution. It is safe, simple to operate and can be installed at houses, offices, airports or other important places easily. The device uses focused electronic counter measures to block the drone's control, GPS and video signals while minimizing the impact on other local devices. It comes with directional panel antennas to disrupt 6 frequencies used by the majority of commercial drones. With a radius range of up to 2000m. With multiple power outputs the operator can choose if they want the drone to return to home or land. The device GW-UAV-OSJ61 does no harm to the drone or its operator.
Most commercial drones use 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz for their control and video transmission frequencies.
The GW-UAV-OSJ61 disrupts these frequencies meaning that the drone's operator will be unable to see the video coming from the drone. The drone then returns to its home location.

Sensitive Areas, Prisons, Oil RefineriesProtected Areas, etc
Effective interference with UAV Remote-Control Signal 2400MHz, GPSL1 signal, GPSL2 signal, Transmission Signal 5800MHz. 900MHz.

1. High integration & Stable operation, Noise technology.
2. Highly effective power & long jamming distance up to 2000M.
3. Separate control of each module, convenient operation.
4. High quality tubular radiator, effective in radiating heat.
5. Import components;

Mainly applied to prisons, airports, scientific research centers, detention houses,
interrogation rooms, courthouses, labor camp, all kinds of important places, etc. that forbid aerial photography by use of UAV.

What are Drones?

Also know as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are aircrafts without a human pilot on board. The flight is controlled by the remote control of a pilot on the ground. The typical launch and recovery method of an unmanned aircraft is by the function of an automatic system or an external operator on the ground. There are a wide variety of UAV shapes, sizes, configurations, and characteristics.

Why need Drone Jammer?

Commercial drones has raised a privacy concerns among people since most of the drones flies equipped with high quality cameras which can invade people privacy, taking photo of people and personal property. Also drones can be used to smuggle drugs, crash into buildings, act as peeping Toms, drop bombs, shoot guns, and gather personal data on anyone whom drone pilot want to harm. Hence a Jammer to block drones remote control signal to protect our privacy and personal space is required


Sensitive Areas


Oil Refineries

Important Bases

Protected Areas

Technical Parameters:

Channel Working frequency Output power(±1.5dBm)
2.4G 2400-2485MHz 47 dBm (50W)
5.8G 5725-5850MHz 47 dBm (50W)
GPS L1 1550-1620MHz 47 dBm (50W)
5.2G 5150-5250MHz 47 dBm (50W)
GPS L2 1170-1280MHz 47 dBm (50W)
900MHz 840-930MHz 47 dBm (50W)
Total 6 band, output power: 300W
Power consumption : 600W
Power supply: AC220V,   DC24-28V
Main engine weight : 21Kg
Size: 385*307*180mm
With directional panel antenna.
Jammer Module Number : 6
Cooling System: Systematic Smart Cooling System
Jamming Source : Noise Technology
Humidity: 30%-95%
Running temperature : -20ºC to +65ºC
Omni Jamming range: 500m to 2000m, according to signal density of mobile network
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