Dcs1800 Band Selective Repeater Signal Booster with Movable Central Frequency

Item No.: 00197
*2G/4G Voice And Data Signal
*Coverage: up to 2500 m²
Description Specifications


DCS1800 band selective repeater is designed for installations in offices, warehouses, factories, shopping malls and business centers. It is easy to install, offers high call quality, high gain, a simple prompt software setup makes installation of this repeater an east easy plug and play task. With the control panel in front of the repeater, the repeater status can be known during installation.  This repeater is an advanced repeater system that automatically cancels the feedback interference    between the service and donor antennas by using the digital signal processing technology.
It is designed for usage in 3G networks at the 2100MHz spectrum all over Europe.  The bandwidth central frequency is adjustable via SW setup. The installation of the repeater is easy and simple with its plug and play design and operational user friendliness. Via as small Microsoft compatible application the repeater is easy to configure. It has a smart function which can be activated via the front panel.  This smart function can prevent UL interference and self -oscillation caused by insufficient isolation between donor and server antennas, and also setup parameters and keep optimal condition automatically. Activate this function by the front panel of this repeater.
Auto Level Control (ALC)
The ALC maintain steady output power even when the donor source signal fluctuates. It also prevents
UL interference and self-oscillation from insufficient isolation between donor and server antennas.
Manual Gain Control (MGC)
The MGS provide manual gain attenuation to ensure flexibility to various signal conditions.
Antenna isolation testing (AIT)
The AIT function prevent interference and self-oscillation between donor- and service antennas.
Uplink silent mode (USM)
The USM minimize possible uplink interference from the repeater to the network.
OAM software and remote management.
Each Repeater is delivered with a Operation, Administration and Maintenance software (OAM). The OAM is a window based user friendly interface that provides the operator a means of monitoring and controlling the repeater system in either a local or remote site. It is a version of the repeater where it via WCDMA or LTE access can be remotely configured and monitored.


Electrical Specification DCS 1800 1710~1785MHz 1805~1880MHz
Bandwidth 20MHz fixed bandwidth with movable central frequency
Maximum Gain   >=70dB >=75dB
Output Power   >=20dBm >=23dBm
Out of Band Gain
2.7<=f_offset<3.5MHz <60dB
3.5<=f_offset<7.5MHz <45dB
7.5<=f_offset<12.5MHz <45dB
12.5<=f_offset <35dB
Spurious Emission
9kHz~150KHz <= -36dBm/1 kHz
150kHz~30MHz <= -36dBm/10 kHz
30MHz~1GHz <= -36dBm/100 kHz
1 GHz ~ Flow - 10 MHz <= -30dBm/1 MHz
Flow - 10 MHz ~ Fhigh + 10 MHz <= -15dBm/1 MHz
Fhigh + 10 MHz ~12.75 GHz <= -30dBm/1 MHz
Frequency Stability <=±0.01ppm
Error Vector Magnitude <= 12.5%
Peak Code Domain Error <=-35dB@Spreading Factor 256
Auto Gain Control(AGC) >=25dB
Manual Gain Control 31dB/1dB step
Gain Flatness <=4dB(P-P)
Noise Figure <= 6dB
VSWR <=2.0
Group Delay <= 5μs
Power Consumption <= 25W
Power Supply DC 4A/9V
Mechanical specification
Dimensions 191*296*76mm
Weight <=4Kg
I/O Connector/ Impedance N-female
Environmental specification
IP Rating IP30
Operating Temperature -10ºC~50ºC
CE and ROHS Approved: RTTE 1999/5/EC & 2004/108/EC
Monitoring specification
LED indication
Alarm LED
Antenna isolation is    lower than the isolation for equipment installation Or    ALC1~5dB,red
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