Portable Backpack 1.5KM 6 band 215W drone jammer system UAV jammer

Item No.: GW-UAVBP15D
Portable Backpack 1.5KM 6 band 215W drone jammer system UAV jammer
Portable Backpack 1.5KM 6 band 240W drone jammer system UAV jammer 

Backpack drone Jammer is the ultimate anti-drone solution. It is safe, simple to operate and can be used for houses, offices, airports or Military important places easily. The device uses focused electronic counter measures to block the drone’s control, GPS and video signals while minimizing the impact on other local devices. It comes with Omni directional antennas to disrupt 4 frequencies used by the majority of commercial drones. With jamming range of up to 800-1500m. With multiple power outputs the operator can choose if they want the drone to return to home or land. The device GW-UAV-BP15D does no harm to the drone or its operator.

Most commercial drones use 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz for their control and video transmission frequencies.
The GW-UAV-BP15D disrupts these frequencies meaning that the drone’s operator will be unable to see the video coming from the drone. The drone then returns to its home location.

 drone jammer
Product Information

1. High integration & Stable operation, Noise technology.
2. Highly effective power & long jamming distance up to 1.2KM.
3. Separate control of each module, convenient operation.
4. High quality tubular radiator, effective in radiating heat.
5. Import components, VSWR protection, Overheat protection

6. No interference to nearby frequency bands

7.Backpack outdoor casing water resistant

8.VSWR- disconnect/short antenna protection



Working frequency

Output power(±1.5dBm)



47 dBm(50W)



47 dBm(50W)



47 dBm(50W)



47 dBm(50W)



47 dBm(30W)



47 dBm(30W)

Total output power: 300W

Power consumption : 600W

Power supply: AC90-260V, DC24-28V

Main engine weight : 12Kg (Manpack 10KG,Antenna 1.5KG,Control Box 0.3KG)


 (Jamming range 800-1500m)

Jammer Module Number :6

Cooling System:

Systematic Smart Cooling System

Jamming Source :

Noise Technology

Humidity: 30%-95%


Running temperature : -20 to +60

Inside battery working 1.5h: 24V,20AH

Battery charger: 5A(Open the external switch to charge, automatically manage the charging current, full automatically disconnect)

External Remote control Panel : shows the battery voltage, can switch on/off each band.

Frequency Testing Again Before Shippment:
1.5km High Power Manpack 5 Channel Anti Drone System Drone Signal Jammer1.5km High Power Manpack 5 Channel Anti Drone System Drone Signal Jammer
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